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Build a Learning Analytics Suite in 2024 for your Learning Management System

To foster a thriving learning culture, it's crucial to stay connected with your learners. Learning Management System (LMS) analytics play a pivotal role in this, offering valuable insights that can inform and enhance your Learning and Development (L&D) programs. By leveraging the data extracted from the LMS, you can gain a deeper understanding of learner behaviour, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to elevate your training strategies.

Key insights from LMS Analytics:

1. Learner Activity, Progress & Competencies

Break down individual actions and training journeys to gauge current growth and contribute effectively to development.

2. Team Progress

Assess team performance, identify training gaps, and recognize areas of strength and weakness across multiple teams.

3. Course & Curricular Activity

Monitor progress in specific modules or courses and analyse the speed at which courses are completed.

4. Course Evaluations

Utilize course evaluations to gather feedback on the effectiveness of lessons, pinpointing successful areas and areas needing improvement.

Customized LMS Analytics

While pre-built reports for LMS are essential, companies require more specialized, organization-specific reports to get a big picture of the learning process. In22Labs' analytics suite offers advanced data visualizations, personalized reporting dashboards, API access for data integration, and deep data analysis on all the stakeholders in the LMS ecosystem. Our Analytics suite offers sophistication and flexibility to adapt to changing needs and extract in-depth LMS analytics for critical business intelligence.

Optimizing Learning Strategies: Insights from Real-Time Analytics on LMS Data

Once we have aggregated the LMS data, our analytics solution integrates this information into your learning strategy and culture. For instance, addressing low engagement in compliance courses may signal a need for a revisiting the course syllabi or simplifying the course content further. Monitoring search data, content engagement (total hours viewed, course views, course completions, video views) and sign-in/completion rates offer insights into learner preferences and helps identify content gaps. Our reports include:

1. Real-Time Search Data Analysis

Analyse searches within the LMS to identify learner interests and content gaps.

2. Real-Time Content Engagement Rates

Compare engagement (total hours viewed, course views, course completions, video views) between different content formats to understand learner preferences.

3. Sign-In and Completion Rates

Track user engagement with the LMS, ensuring high adoption rates, and adjusting strategies based on learner activity.

4. Email Notifications and real time alerts

Implement a real-time analytics solution with automated email notifications for immediate alerts on critical events.

Regularly analysing these aspects allows you to adapt your content and delivery methods to better align with learner preferences and strengthening your learning culture. Ready to shape the future of learning analytics? Schedule a Demo Today!


Published on

05 January 2024

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