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All the tech in one platform.

Odoo is one of the leading open-source software that will help you overcome all the challenges and improve your business. it is an all-in-one business tool consisting of several modules for human resources, manufacturing, financial management, warehouse management, and project management.

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Transforming your business with innovative ERP solutions.

Our implementation service is comprehensive and collaborative. We'll set up a robust system with you, ensuring you have visibility of the logic and methodology behind our work. We'll keep you regularly updated on progress and results. And if any 'bumps in the road' pop up, we'll act swiftly to address them.

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Build a solid groundwork for a successful ERP implementation.

At IN22 Labs, we believe that a successful ERP implementation goes beyond just software installation. It requires a deep understanding of your unique business processes, identifying gaps, and mapping them to the capabilities of the ERP system. That's why we offer comprehensive Business Process Mapping & ERP Gap Analysis services to streamline your operations and maximise the benefits of ERP.

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Partnering for success, businesses can rely on our expertise.

Our expert teams main focus on integration, comprehensive support, and transparency, along with unmatched client satisfaction, making IN22 Labs one of the best Odoo partners for businesses seeking Odoo services.

Implementation Roadmap

ERP implementation is the strategic process of deploying an integrated software system, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), to streamline business functions like finance, HR, sales, and manufacturing. Success relies on meticulous planning, process redesign, system configuration, thorough testing, and a phased approach, ultimately enhancing productivity and generating long-term cost savings.

Phase 1 - Discovery and Planning

ERP implementation by In22 Labs, organizations choose a tailored ERP system, involving an internal or external consultant. This phase encompasses project definition, team structuring, detailed design, strategic rollout decisions, and effective communication, laying the groundwork for a successful ERP integration.

Discovery and Planning
Phase 2 - Design

Involves developing a detailed design for the ERP system, incorporating user input and utilizing gap analysis for customization needs. Whether on the cloud or on-premises, the focus includes configuring core activities, integrating third-party solutions, managing data migration, creating extensions when necessary, and optimizing reporting capabilities. We emphasize on a comprehensive Business Requirements Document (BRD) as a guiding framework, addressing project scope, limitations, timeline, budget, and more.

Phase 3 - Development

In22 Labs focuses on configuring and customizing the ERP software to align with redesigned processes, while employing a blend of Agile and Waterfall methodologies. We deploy teams to manage the front-end, while ERP developers handle back-end tasks, including coding and testing, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient ERP implementation.

Phase 4 - Testing

In22 Labs rigorously assesses the ERP system's capabilities, involving employee testing for day-to-day activities and comprehensive evaluation of migrated data. We prioritize this as a critical phase, implementing robust measures and thorough testing to ensure optimal system performance before going live.

Phase 5 - Deployment

In22 Labs ensures a seamless system launch, with the project team available to assist users and address issues. We ensure overall readiness by managing system, user, and organizational aspects, including change management and tailored training, to meet go-live deadlines and accommodate client requirements.

Phase 6 - Support

In22 Labs emphasizes ongoing maintenance, system monitoring, and user training to ensure the ERP system meets organizational needs. We offer 24/7 support post-deployment, leveraging extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, striving to exceed expectations and enhance workplace efficiency through innovative and reliable ERP solutions.

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