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Automate Email reports with Microsoft Power Automate

Data shapes our professional choices and daily activities, offering insights into where to allocate time and resources. In every industry, accurate real-time data reporting is crucial for monitoring performance, tracking trends, and making informed decisions.. For healthcare industry, real time data reporting enhances patient care, while in education, it unveils correlations between attendance and weather or acceptance rates and neighbourhoods.

The Struggle of Manual Downloading Reports: A Time-Consuming Task

Downloading reports manually can be a real challenge, taking up valuable time and effort. Clicking and saving files one by one is not only tedious but can also lead to errors. Managing this task, especially when dealing with multiple file formats like Excel, PDF, and CSV, can be overwhelming, highlighting the need for a more streamlined approach.

Real-Time Reporting via Email Alerts (Scheduled and Event-Triggered Emails)

Automated reporting liberates businesses from waiting on manual report creation. By setting up the system, organizations can effortlessly schedule and automate report generation, ensuring timely access to crucial information. This significant time-saving feature empowers businesses to obtain the necessary insights precisely when required, without depending on manual report generation. Additionally, incorporating scheduling and email functionality enhances the efficiency of information delivery, streamlining the reporting process for enhanced productivity.

Automate Your Reports With Power Automate

Fully automate your reports using Power Automate. Schedule recurrences of automated reports based on your organization's needs, specifying how frequently the report automation should happen. Whether it's a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, Power Automate captures high-resolution screenshots of your reports in both Excel and PDF formats at the designated time and seamlessly delivers them via email. By leveraging Robot Process Automation (RPA), the scheduling process becomes straightforward, ensuring precise and efficient report deliveries every time.

At In22labs, we've successfully tackled complex data challenges for Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Our expertise lies in seamlessly implementing Power Automate, transforming the reporting process with unmatched simplicity. With a proven track record, In22labs is the go-to choice for global enterprises seeking accurate, timely, and insightful reports. Choose In22labs for cutting-edge data analytics that drives your success. Our collaboration with Fortune 100 companies underscores our experience and reliability. By integrating Power Automate into our solutions, we proudly share that we've achieved a remarkable milestone—our approach has saved an impressive 80% of productivity time for the reporting team, showcasing our dedication to efficiency. Count on us for comprehensive content that adds significant value to your analytics endeavours.


Written by

Gayathri K

Published on

14 January 2024

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