AI Chatbot for Statewide Disability Survey in Tamil Nadu: TN-RIGHTS Project funded by World Bank

In Tamil Nadu, a unique effort is underway to improve statewide disability surveys, and IN22 Labs, a data-analytics company, is making a big difference. The primary issue was the absence of a well-defined and efficient application to track real-time survey data which was taken across all 38 districts (includes 484 blocks and 13202 villages). Thanks to IN22 Labs introduced an AI chatbot for TN RIGHTS, making disability survey reports more effective. This innovative solution, funded by World Bank support, streamlines the tracking of progress, and provides valuable insights across the entire region.

The Goal: Better Survey Data Monitoring

The aim was to make sure disability survey monitoring work better across 38 districts. The government assigned people called Data enumerators who went door-to-door to find out about disabilities, and they found 10 lakhs+ (1 million+) disabled persons. The challenge was not just taking the survey but keeping track of how many surveys were done, what types of disabilities there are, and understanding who these differently abled people are. It's like putting together a big puzzle to get useful information for making smart decisions.

The Problem: Tricky Monitoring

While the existing survey app facilitated data collection, the absence of a centralized monitoring solution hindered the team's ability to synthesize information effectively. The need to understand real-time progress, types of disabilities prevalent, and demographic nuances called for an innovative solution that could bridge this daily monitoring gap. Additionally, the challenge extended to tracking survey-related details across all 38 districts (encompassing 484 blocks and 13,202 villages), highlighting the lack of an effective application for this crucial real time monitoring.

The Solution: Chatbot Development Using Microsoft Copilot

IN22 Labs harnessed the dynamic features of Microsoft's Copilot Studio to develop chatbot for real time survey monitoring process. Creating customized chatbot topics and utilizing Power Automate to connect directly with Power BI, the team set up a chatbot system to fetch real-time data through DAX queries. This ensures that the live survey data, published in Power BI, seamlessly integrates into the chatbot workflow, enhancing the efficiency of the chatbot monitoring system in real time.

Powering Up with Chatbot created using Copilot Studio

1. Dynamic Monitoring

Copilot Studio really helped us keep tabs on surveys. We didn't just count how many were done; we went further with 5 major workflows and 20+ sub workflows (keeping an eye on surveys, checking pending ones, answering survey questions, finding out about disabilities, and getting info from data enumerators). These chatbot workflows, broken down into smaller parts, automatically set off Power Automate, keeping us updated with real-time chatbot info using smart DAX queries. The development of this chatbot using Copilot Studio enhances the survey monitoring process across 38 districts (encompassing 484 blocks and 13,202 villages), allowing us to manage real-time data effectively.

2. Insightful Demographics

Leveraging the capabilities of the platform, particularly with the creation of the AI-driven Copilot chatbot, the user gained valuable insights into the demographics of disabled persons. This innovative chatbot not only streamlined user interactions but also made it easier to retrieve dynamic information about daily survey reports. This efficiency proved crucial in enabling targeted and informed decision-making, as the team could swiftly access up-to-date insights for better understanding the diverse demographics of individuals with disabilities.

Tech at the Core of Chatbot

Copilot Studio for Chatbot Development

The user-friendly interface of Copilot Studio facilitated the creation of customized workflows and chatbots, providing a seamless solution for survey monitoring.

Power Automate

Integrated seamlessly with Copilot Studio, Power Automate ensured an uninterrupted flow of real-time data from live databases. This dynamic integration, coupled with DAX queries, guaranteed that the information presented remained consistently up to date and accurate. Furthermore, the connection to Power BI strengthened the system by enabling Power Automate to fetch live data, creating a comprehensive and reliable data ecosystem.

IN22 Labs: Leading the Way in Data Solutions

IN22 Labs, a data-focused entity, not only tackled the monitoring challenges in disability surveys but also set the stage for future strides in data-driven decision-making. This success story highlights the transformative power of technology when used strategically. IN22 Labs, driven by the capabilities of Copilot Studio, remains dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions. The company's commitment assures a continued impactful journey, not only in disability surveys but also in broader domains.


Written by

Amit Siddharth

Published on

20 Jan 2024

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