Challenging times create great opportunities and greater learning

We at In22 labs have faced a unique challenge posed by multiple government departments in handling the e-learning applications- the specific challenge being preventing the content from being downloaded /copied without appropriate access. Few clients have legacy applications intertwined with multiple plugins and patches.

Our team has created a framework for proctored video sessions and protected files with the following aspects implemented in the framework :
  • Element inspection disabled
  • Keyboard shortcuts disabled
  • No pdf menus viewable (even with PDF reader installed)
  • Disabled cookie logs
  • Escape button - brings back to application
  • Right click action disabled

With all these restrictions, the users were able to access the content with the same user experience and the interface was intact as always.

This framework now supports 4 e-learning applications touching about 0.8 million users across India, every single day!

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