A new analytics Approach for AP Social Welfare department

Digital Governance is changing the way welfare departments work ,APSC Finance corporation, an independent body of Social welfare department, Govt of AP has set a massive target of Skilling 1 lac youth population from the SC community. It sought to develop an application to execute and monitor the massive program effectively. In22 labs was invited to be part of the Strategic Initiative platform to address challenges. Our Strategic Consulting team engaged various stake holders in a series of sessions and work shops across all SEC levels and structures. These workshops helped us to offer a three tier solution for the proposed case, to effectively address the challenges and help the pivot to new era of E-governance.


Beneficiaries should be able to capture their interests

Training partners to be inducted on to the fold - region wise, skill wise based on interests Employers should be made part of the eco system to offer them agile, demand based candidates

Track the department assets, usage, monitor the beneficiaries, get data and information from districts and mandals seamlessly


SC Finance Corporation sought to develop a robust, customized methodology to gain insights on the skill development program , with micro and macro level data views. A decision support system that will help the department to visualize the activities of all the participants of the eco system and the administration from HQ - State-District-Mandal-Village level detailing.


Our Strategic team has created the following and implemented them effectively;

1.Create an effective platform for the candidates to express their likes and interests, rather than just registering their data

2.Bring the Training vendor onto the fold and creating a platform to enable the vendors to customize the solutions based on demand mapping

3.Integrate the employer to view, screen and post requirements to the specific target markets and also enable them to communicate with other stake holders, without the interference of the departments- An autonomous status to help them decide and implement their Strategies quickly.

Growth Momentum

Upon delivering the technology solutions, we have integrated our Analytics Suite In22 with the portal and the department in offering them 360 degree analytics view on all the stake holders of the portal and system. A customized dashboard is offered for the Management team and district teams to monitor the progress across all levels at a fraction of a second. This holistic solutions approach helped the client- APSC Finance corporation to improve their response time by 90% , reach out to more than 1 .8 lakh beneficiaries- a 2000% increase in beneficiaries from their existing system. Also it helped them to completely automate the process of vendor empanelment till payments and placement.

Sports Development Authority Excellence in sports through technology

The Sports Development Authority is the apex body for promotion of sports and sportsperson in the state. They offer various schemes to identify and develop talent, sports and also maintain a huge infrastructure in terms of stadiums, courts and various other sport complex across the state.
Sports Development authority sought to manage the department using a robust tech enabled system, where they wanted to integrate the infrastructure, coaches, facilities and sports beneficiaries in a common platform.


By collaborating with In22 Strategic Suite, Sports Development authority has created a system to achieve its vision. Also, its new technology fronted strategy has started paying rich dividends in terms of fixing the pilferages in benefits to the sports persons and also effective in monitoring the performance of each player and coach, precisely.

Solutions approach

In22 Strategic Suite helped them create;

1.A Strong dynamic web portal to serve as information repository with minimalistic design and high UX

2.An intuitive design approach to minimize the time spent in searching for right information Robust Analytics Suite IN22, integrated to the portal to monitor information and analyze performances real time across 34 parameters

3.Created a strategic Dashboard for all stake holders

4.Integrated Aadhar validation to prevent misuse and effectively fixing the pilferages.